Top NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

top nft projects

NFT is one of the biggest markets in 2022 with a $41 billion market and millions of NFT projects. It is a legitimate investment if you are thinking of getting involved in it, however, at first, you must have knowledge on which kind of project is financially profitable. 

Clearly, it is impossible for anyone to go through each and every one of them, which is why we provided the top 10 best NFT projects that are most popular and will successfully run in 2022. 

Cool Cats

Cool Cats is the collection of a total of 9,999 Ethereum based randomly generated collections. Each and every collection of its cats have special looks like a different face, outfit, and colors. But what makes it so popular is its high-profile partnership and high-value NFT sales on the secondary market quickly. 

The creator of Cool Cats MFT is Rob Mehew(Lynqoid), Even Luza (ELU), Tom Williamson (xtremetron), and Colin Ean (Clon). Whereas more than 4k owners own this NFT. One of them is a well-known former professional boxer, Mike Tyson.

Cool Cats NFT was launched in June 2021 and quickly made lots of headlines for its projects. As of now, the highest bid for the project is a Zombie cool cat, auctioned for $3.5 million. Whereas the meantime price of Cool Cats you could expect to pay would be around only $10,000.

Check out the website of Cool and Twitter account: @coolcatsnft to get the latest updates about them.

Crypto Punks

Crypto Punks are 10,000 unique digital collectible characters with aliens, humans, apes, and zombies. The character has 24*24 size pixel heads. It is one of the first collections of NFTs that remained successful since its launch year, 2017. They were most popular in the beginning year as they were free to claim for those who had Ethereum wallets and in 2022 it is rising more because of heavy interest in overall NFTs.

The creator of this NFT is two Canadian software developers from American studio Larva Lab.

It has around 3k owners to date, one of them being famous entrepreneur Gary Vee. Gary has totally bought nearly 60 crypto Punks all by himself, one of them being with over $3.7 million. The highest selling Crypto punk is worth $11 million. Crypto Punk is surely expensive because of its limited quantity is 1,000.

The Twitter handle of CryptoPunks is @thecryptopunks and also you can check out the website from here.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Another 10,000 punk-based character that is highly successful and unique is Bored Ape Yacht Club. Launched in April 2021, this  NFT is one the fastest collections whose price skyrocketed pretty quickly. The reason for its popularity is Captivating apes, each of them being different in looks and features. Its success also helped to create another NFT in the same realm named Mutant  Ape Yacht Club. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club got more than 5k owners with well-known big names like Jimmy Fallon, Eminem, Post Malone, and so on. The Yacht club owners also get a BAYC membership card. The highest selling of this NFT’s character is $3 million.

Go to the Bored Ape Yacht Club website for more info and check out its Twitter  @BoredApeYC for new updates.on their characters.

Mutant ape yacht club

Mutant ape Yacht Club came after the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club as you can see it has the same realm. It is also equally a  hit like BAYC.. 

This MAYC NFT has 20,000 mutant apes with their own special traits and characters. All of 20k apes can only be made either  with an explosion of existing Bored Ape to a flask of mutual serum or minting a mutant ape in public sales

Because it has more characters, the number of owners is also high compared to other NFTs. There are more than 11k owners at the moment. If you want to be an owner of MAYC then go directly to the website called and bid for your ape. The bid for some of the apes is available at a low rate.


Decentraland is a virtual social reality world where you buy and sell virtual lands, build homes, play casinos, and develop avatars. Owners can create and do trading in their virtual space as they like. A small plot of virtual land cost millions of dollars. In November 2021, an NFT-based real estate company bought a plot for more than $2 million.

This NFT was launched in July 2020. It started amazingly and was a good investment in 2021. Every owner is expecting it to rise higher in 2022. This NFT is highly profitable. As long as you can play games and collect items, you will be able to make money by trading..

Find Decentraland at


VeeFriends is an NFT project of 10,225 tokens consisting of  9,400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and the remaining 300 direct-access tokens. The tokens are engaging and attractive with creative doodles and drawings. 

This NFT platform is created by worldwide famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. One of the main objectives of this project is to provide owners with an extreme value for their tokens. Currently, the average cost price of VeeFriends is nearly $35,000. VeeFriends has been successful to both creators and owners. It has nearly 5k owners at the time.

Learn more about VeeFriends at You can also find Gary himself speaking about his NFT and educating people on this field.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the NFT based battle video game where you play and earn money.  Each axies in the game you played is the NFT character. They can be traded on the Axie marketplace as well. According to reports if you spend several hours on this game, you can earn up to $40 per day, but obviously depending on your Axies and bonuses. At the start of 2022, there are 2 million daily active players.

Axie Infinity started making lots of headlines when they sold Axie at the highest price. The most expensive Axie sold to date is $8,20,000. The value of characters is expected to skyrocket more in 2022. If you’d like to play and earn from this game, you can download the Axie Infinity from its official website

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is 5,000 unseen walking characters dressed up with cool clothes, shoes, and other accessories. The artist behind this art and project is Markus Magnusson who is a professional animator with experience of over a decade.

This NFT project has a huge following on social media. Although it has not been released yet, many celebrities and content creators are talking about it. It is set to be out soon this year and reports are already claiming it to be the top NFT project of 2022.

Check out the previews of tokens from the Invisible Friends website: To learn more about them you can also go to their Twitter handle: @invsbleFriends.

Crypto Goonz

Crypto Goonz is a collection of 6,969 NFTs similar to mickey mouse style art with unique features. Each character of Crypto Goonz carries either pop, hip hop, or street styles with clear references. This NFT project has 16,833 followers at the moment. 

To join this project go to  where you have to create an account if you don’t have one and then you get inside it. More than 1k users are active all the time.

The creator of Crypto Goonz is a tattooer @SeanTat2s. Learn more about this NFT project on Twitter: @Crypto__Goonz.

Women Rise

Internationally acclaimed visual artist Malha Abidi created the Women Rise NFT project with 10,000 randomly produced art each being unique captivating. The collection of this NFT represents people from all over the world with different races, occupations, fashion, and styles. Women Rise allows their owners to own these wonderful art expected mostly to be art lovers.

Women Rise is an incredible NFT project at this time because along with making a profit they also donate bigger funds to organizations that focus on women’s education, mental health, and gender equality. Check out the conversation of Malha from Women Rise with Malala, both of them sharing the same goals.

Learn more about Women Rise from its Twitter: @WomenriseNFT. You can also go to its website for more information.


The NFT sector has a bright future for every individual ahead. If you were new to NFT then this was the right start. It can be a bit difficult at the beginning to find out which NFT projects are worthy of investment, so you can begin learning about the above NFT projects in depth. If you do so then you can soon see yourself as an NFT holder in 2022.